Environmental Awareness

At KNB a great deal of stress is made on inculcating environmental awareness. Students are taught to observe and appreciate nature and to become sensitive to nature, trees, birds and animals. Environmental issues such as pollution, the energy crisis, global warming and dwindling biodiversity are discussed in the class. On the local level we have been successfully carrying out a campaign to stop submersion of Ganpati idols into the Nira Right Bank Canal, which is a source of drinking water for Phaltan and many other cities and villages. Other activities like field visits, camps, slide shows, quiz programs, butterfly rearing, keeping a diary of flowering trees are carried out regularly. Last year we carried out a tree census in Phaltan town.


 The Blanche Benjamin Library

The Blanche Benjamin Library of the Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan plays a significant role in the life of the school. It is actively used by both students and teachers. For every standard there is a library period once a week. There is a graded curriculum to develop library skills right from the time when students cannot read. The curriculum includes graded reading, illustrating stories, designing the cover, getting to know the writers and publishers, learning to talk about the characters in a story, looking up reference books, learning the art of taking care of books, writing poems, completing an incomplete story and finally reviewing a book.

Annual Projects

The annual school project has been an important part of the KNB program for more than a decade. Each year the entire school from standard one to nine spends two to three weeks working on a given theme. Many of these projects have dealt with themes related to Phaltan, its environment or history. Two of the projects were on more abstract themes of violence and children's rights. Sometimes the themes are influenced by natural disasters like a drought or a flood affecting this part of the country. Students collect information from the library and the computer lab, interview people, visit places and make observations. Back in school, they collate the information and write it up, draw maps, charts and pictures, write poems and make models. All this material is assembled into an exhibition which is open for a week or so to parents, teachers and students from other schools and the general public.

Art Education

Art, both fine and performing has a special place in KNB. We had received a grant from the India Foundation for Arts for a collaborative project with Rewachand Bhojwani Academy, Pune for three years starting from year 2000. It included field visits, camps and workshops for both students and teachers.

The project did wonders for the overall development of the teachers. The field visits opened up new worlds for them. Participation in workshops and the learning of new skills increased their confidence.

One of our art teachers, our own passed out student, Wasim Maner introduced many innovative methods which involve the whole class and give each child's talents an expression. One of his innovations was doing group art projects. These may be large mosaics which involve sketching, matching colors and arranging pieces of paper or a story through pictures.


The Computer Lab

KNB has the biggest and best equipped computer lab in the town. At present we have twelve computers of our own along with the printing and scanning facility. We also have an internet connection which the students can explore for their projects.


Work Experience

Another annual feature of the KNB program is the week-long work experience program for the eighth standard students. The students are divided into groups and each group is assigned one work place. The work places have included goat farms, poultry farms, nurseries and ARTI (Appropriate Rural Technology Institute). This hands-on experience gives the students at least a taste of the real world of work.

The eighth and ninth class students also learn printing on the offset printing press donated to PSS by the Cummins Diesel India Ltd. and Speed-O-Graph Company of Mumbai.


Teachers And Staff

All the teacher recruitment is done through advertisements. Only the teachers with a high level of motivation, an understanding of social problems and high intellectual achievements are selected. The atmosphere at school is relaxed and supportive. The teachers are given a free hand at trying out experiments and using innovative methods. Some of our teachers have received awards for their innovative teaching methods.