Of the three units of the Pragat Shikshan Sanstha-Apli Shala, Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan and Educational Outreach-none receives a grant from the State or Central Government.

The Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan is the only unit charging fees. However, fees are relatively modest-- a maximum of Rs. 2200 (US$50) per year, all inclusive. (For details of fee structure and concessions for poor students, see the link Kamala Nimbkar Balbhavan). As income from fees does not quite cover the salaries of teachers and staff, leave alone other expenses, the difference between income and expenditure has to be made up from PSS funds or contributions from individuals or funding agencies.

Apli Shala and Educational Outreach are completely dependent on grants from funding agencies and individual donations. In periods when no outside support is available, funds are provided by the PSS. At present Apli Shala and Educational Outreach are being funded by grants from NEG-FIRE and SPA Educational Trust. The Everyday English project has been funded by the Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT).

This year, with the financial assistance of the SRTT, we have started the Centre for Language, Literacy and Communication, a major new initiative which includes the language outreach programs, material development, research, translation of seminal works in language pedagogy, developing a website, and promoting public discussion regarding language pedagogy.

Generous grants several years ago from Sir Dorabjee Tata Trust and J.R.D. Tata Trust have enabled PSS to build up an endowment fund. Other major institutional donors, past and present, include Nimbkar Seeds Pvt. Ltd., Maharashtra Foundation and M.G. Charitable Trust.