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Women's Sewing And Literacy Classes

For those young women who dropped out or have never gone to school the PSS conducts a literacy and sewing class. This is a one year course at the end of which students get a certificate. Many of the students who have passed out have received sewing machines under the Woman and Child Welfare schemes and have became steady earners.

Medical Help

Recognizing that a student needs a healthy parent with a stable income, the PSS provides medical help to adults as well as sick children. Doctors in Phaltan have been very cooperative and provide free medical advice, and in some cases, free medicines as well. Severely disabled persons have been provided tricycles or other needed equipment.

Birth And Death Reporting Services

For many years parents in Mangalwar Peth had difficulty enrolling their children in school because the children did not have birth certificates. Going through the lengthy, tedious and costly procedure of obtaining a birth certificate was a major task for parents. To solve this problem the PSS opened an office for noting births and deaths occurring in the locality. Even a neighbor can notify a birth or death. The social worker of PSS then follows it up by a home visit and accompanies a relative to the municipality to notify the birth. Just five years back our staff had to get an average of 15-20 birth certificates issued every year. Since the inception of the Birth and Death Reporting Service, the need to assist parents in getting a birth certificate hardly ever arises.

Other Social Work

Although the government has many schemes for the poor, needy, homeless, old and the sick, these schemes hardly ever reach the target group. Our social workers make an effort to collect information about these schemes. We have helped people get ration cards, Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar stipend (a small monthly grant for the destitute), financial aid from banks or loans and medical help for major operations such as heart valve replacement. Battered or abandoned women are also assisted in getting help from the police and the courts.

Women's Self Help Groups

When we started our work in Apli Shala we recognized that women's development was a crucial need in Mangalwar Peth. However, it was only twenty years later-- in 2003-- that we started several women's self help groups in Mangalwar Peth. These groups provide micro-credit for the members, many of whom are vegetable sellers in the local bazaar. Since then more groups have been started in other areas of Phaltan, with members engaged in a variety of small businesses and economic activities. Today there are ten groups, with a total membership of nearly 200 women, functioning under the sponsorship of the PSS.

The Apli Shala program does not charge any fees and is fully supported by grants from funding agencies and donations from individuals.